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If You’ve Got a Moment, I’ve Got a Vivid, Articulate Account of One Mind Seeking to Set Itself Aright to Share With You

When the theme of your lifework is “changing things by changing thinking,” you have the opportunity to take ringside seats to a lot of people’s personal odysseys. Nothing is more fascinating. When you can, and where you can, you provide an idea, a caution, a suggestion. Usually, though, they’ve already thought of it or received [...]

Our Person in Riyadh is Getting the Word Out to Saudi Women: Developing New Brain Skills is the Key to Personal Empowerment

Asma Fayyad is Brain Technologies’ associate in Saudi Arabia. She often makes waves, and she’s also been making news lately. Here is an article about her just out in The Saudi Gazette:
By Suzan Zawawi, The Saudi Gazette
RIYADH—Are you an impulsive shopper? Or can’t get off of online chat rooms and stay there for hours on [...]