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Because life runs up, not down, syntropy is a cosmic kitchen, not a cosmic wrecking yard. But we have to scramble to keep up.

At this hour, the world now stands on the verge of yet another great technological revolution. It has been mainly been gathering steam since the 1980s. Each day brings us closer to a time when a Star Trek-like economy may be possible. In fact, as the days go by and the breakthroughs and advances pile [...]

What to Do Now, wHAT TO DO Next
and wHAT TO DO Nevermore

Entropy is easy. One just has to sit idle on the sidelines for entropy to prevail. But syntropy (the famed “negative entropy” essential for living systems) takes intelligence and work.
But work at what?
I’ve just spent a couple of hours thinking about good mental habits for people who want to be the most effective [...]