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Yes, I’m Convinced That We Are Progressively “Evolving” How We Wire and Use the Wiring in Our Brains, But We Still Don’t Any Means to Stand Back and Take a Good Look at How It All Works.

A visitor to the Brain Technologies office the other day requested a deeper understanding of the model of human thinking levels I explore in, among a number of places, my latest book, The Mother of All Minds.
For an author, what’s not to like about such a request?
So I sat my guest down in front of [...]

Robert Theobald Rode Out of the West with Some Prescient Ideas about the Interconnectedness of Reality and People. I’m Glad He Moseyed Past My Newspaper Desk More Than Once, Mustache, Sideburns and All

Thirty years ago, fresh out of graduate school and still bent on pursuing a career as if not a great writer at least a competent journalist, I took a job on the Sunday magazine of the Arizona Republic, the major daily newspaper in the state. I did so with considerable trepidation, since the publication was [...]