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Because of the Long-Tail Influence of the Internet, We’ve Suddenly Found Ourselves at Brain Technologies Busier Than We Ever Dreamed We’d Be Running the Bookstore We’ve Always Wanted to Own

I’ve just spent a week analyzing the digital entertainment revolution for a client who is planning the launch of yet another Internet video delivery service. What I concluded about his product prospects is, of course, proprietary. But I can share some thoughts about the “Internet tv” and similar phenomena and what I suspect some of [...]

I Think I May Have My Epitaph: “He Was Born to Handle Books.”

I love books.
People who know my family history know that this love almost assuredly has its roots in my father’s love of books. Nearly all the time I knew him, he surrounded himself with books, sometimes when the family would have been better off had he spent the money on other things.
In spite of my [...]