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Malcolm Gladwell Comes to Town, Believing as Strongly as Ever in “the Power of a Situation.” You Can Thin-Slice. Or Tip the Point. But He Wants You to Pay Attention

Real estate salespeople hate the sight of me. Well, maybe not all of them. Just the ones who have actually arranged a purchase for Sherry and me.
The problem is my tendency to make a decision on a house’s unsuitability within a couple of seconds of getting anywhere near it. Bippa, bippa—and there I am insisting [...]

Here’s a Book that Supports “The Best Guess I’ve Ever Had”: That No One Really Has Much of a Clue About What’s Supposed to Be Happening Here; That Everyone Is Guessing

Anyone—and it might be anytwo, or at best anyfive or anysix—who has been paying attention to the progressive content of my thinking through the years understands that I’ve been on some sort of journey.
It is my belief that it is not all that remote from a journey that most all who have ever lived participate [...]