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The BrainMap Workbook:
A Leader's and User's Guide to The BrainMap

The first half of this 225-page sourcebook and facilitator’s guide narrates the basic theory underlying the versatile “change your brain” BrainMap model and each of its quadrants, with specifics as far-ranging as body language, decorative habits and speaking patterns.

The remainder of the book addresses applications for The BrainMap's insights and information in the personal and professional worlds.

Almost every page brings a new chart, exercise or worksheet for understanding more about the user's self-handling and thinking skills and potentials. This workbook:

  • Tracks how BrainMap creator Dudley Lynch has synthesized the 20th and 21st Centuries' great theories and discoveries about the mind into a crisp, versatile model so easy to learn and apply that it has been used with minds as young as junior high school students'.
  • Establishes authoritatively why The BrainMap is like no other thinking skills model or tool when it comes to attractiveness, ease of use and ability to immediately begin providing its user with useful information.
  • Provides authoritative answers to almost any question an inquisitive thinking skills client or “change your brain” participant may ask about The BrainMap, brain tests or brain training generally.
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30 Exercises, Games and Demonstrations for Using The BrainMap

Some training and coaching professionals eschew games, skits and team competitions as learning tools, preferring instead to use individual worksheets or group situations that call for intense introspection. Others go directly from one high-energy game to another, using these highly active-highly interactive-simulations to encourage new insights and thinking skills.

This 224-page handbook says, "Have it you way!" Some exercises key on one-person-at-a-time brain training activities, often utilizing worksheets that are provided.

Others are decidedly social in nature, designed to inject frequent excitement and stimulation into group learning activities, not infrequently through friendly, highly energized competitions.

Still other exercises include a bit of both. Purchasers have suggested that the colorful, wide-ranging commentaries that introduce the each of the 30 exercises, games and demonstrations are themselves well worth the purchase price of BrainMapping. Each exercise:

  • Is rated for degree of intensity and degree of difficulty for a braining training facilitator and also for the brain test participant
  • Comes with information on the number of participants required, materials needed and space and time required; where to go for additional background information; audio-visuals that are available and provides you with detailed point-by-point directions, usually with sample scripts for giving instructions
  • Is designed to make it exciting and stimulating for participants to learn about the skilled things occurring or poised to occur in their heads that they may not have known about!
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The BrainMap® Instructional Guide:
Using The BrainMap to Get Your Teams Aligned, Motivated and Mobilized for Change

BrainMap creator Dudley Lynch draws on his many years of experience in using this “change your brain” assessment tool with teams, small groups and individuals. In this detailed 14-page thinking skills guide to facilitating the acclaimed brain test, he:

  • Provides you with detailed, point-by-point directions, usually with sample scripts for giving instructions, and with information on the number of participants required, materials needed and space and time required, on where to go for additional background information and on available audio-visuals
  • Discusses how to get participants to “buy into” an expectation that the tool can profoundly improve how they think about themselves, about others and about how the world works (after all, a “whole brain” instrument can be expected to contain “the whole world”!)
  • Outlines a step-by-step process for administering The BrainMap to busy people who may have questions or issues that need to be addressed before they proceed to take the questionnaire and score their results.
  • Offers "special touch" suggestions for producing a quality group BrainMap experience by focus the results on “the nitty-gritty of where people work, live and problem-solve.
  • Narrates an 8-step process for taking clients through the entire BrainMap interpretation section, offering tips and observations to help users connect powerfully with new information about their thinking skills.
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The Couples BrainMap® Facilitator's Guide:
A guide to how your brains create your worlds together

"Worlds are created by brains," says Dr. Alex Comfort in Reality & Empathy. The Couples BrainMap provides two BrainMap questionnaires and directions for scoring and posting the results in such a way that partners can increase their mutual understanding about how their brains—and their worlds—differ.

By appreciating these differences, couples can bring new vigor, maturity and satisfaction to their relationship.

This facilitator's guide provides background information and suggests formats for the consulting or counseling professional to use with The Couples BrainMap in a variety of relationship learning situations. The guide:

  • Outlines 12 specific benefits that users of The Couples BrainMap can anticipate in completing the BrainMapping process. These range from viewing "differences" as an energizing resource to having more respect and less pressure to change each other to identifying and avoiding irritating (sometimes disastrous) situations that set partners off because their brains literally cannot handle them.
  • Suggest numerous issues and questions taken from couples dynamics' research to be used to plan and guide discussions in group presentations. Examples: What happens when one person's brain orientation comes to dominate the partnership's decision-making processes? When partners' brain resources are suppressed and go unused, what does the relationship lose? How do the partners reach consensus? Handle disagreements. Relate to time?
  • Offers frequent principles and tips for teaching couples. There is the section, for example, on how couples learn best. Does the learning enhance their self-esteem and confidence? Does the new information build on and update old information? Does the learning process come with choices and options?

    And much more!

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Audio Visual Aids (PowerPoint Show)

Enhance your narration and interpretations of The BrainMap by using the Brain Technologies PowerPoint show. This is a multi-colored, animated presentation of 74 slides with strong graphics and clearly worded descriptions that is easy to narrate. This audio visual aid will quickly establish you as an informed professional to be respected on specific thinking-skill issues and techniques. It is recommended that the user also purchase The BrainMap Instructional Guide described above when using this a-v production.

$325 each
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