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“If you run a business, The BrainMap is a great tool for giving you the communications and other workaday insights you need. I have been using it as part of my work with businesses for over 5 years now. I like it because it’s inexpensive, and the model has a solid logical and scientific basis. It’s powerful and easy to understand. And it’s practical and easy to apply. So I've built its ideas into my marketing courses, 1manbrand.co.uk and punchaboveyourweight.com, and into some leadership courses that I run. And I've used it extensively with customers ranging from sole traders to Virgin Atlantic.”

—Dr. Alan Rae,
Managing Partner, Free Spirits Ltd., Fletching Common, Newick, Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“The BrainMap opens people’s eyes to who they are and how they are similar and different from others in the BrainMap lens. The model is simple, accurate and easy to understand. And it’s a great tool for diversity awareness because it gives you answers to ‘why is this person SO different from me?’ The suggestions for becoming more well-rounded on the back of The BrainMap are extremely useful. I see the things I love to do and what I could do more of to be more grounded!”

—Leilani Rashida Henry,
CEO, Being & Living Enterprises, Ltd., Bailey, Colorado

“For the times we are in today, the first thinking tool that one needs to have and use to make a difference is The BrainMap. I’ve benefited from its ingenuity personally and professionally and in positional engagements. I know of no better model for discovering, decoding and deciding on what matters in this complex, changing world. This generic tool is liberating and empowering.”

—Dr. Perla Rizalina M. Tayko,
Training, Learning & Consultancy Service, Palapala, Dasmarinas, Cavite, The Philippines

“Commonly, my clients tell me that responding to The BrainMap provides fresh, personal insights into their thinking and decision-making styles and preferences. And BrainMap seminars are terrific for team-building and are highly credible and beneficial for any individual or organization that desires to enhance leadership and professionalism! In all my BrainMap sessions, my clients gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how their colleagues and associates uniquely interpret and respond to the world around them.”

—Margaret Benson,
The Wyoming Communication Group, Casper, Wyoming.

"No other assessment that I have seen bridges the gap between thinking preferences and what's possible as well as this one. The BrainMap gives the user tangible ways of growing as thinkers and achievers. It's a tool that allows users see 'what is' and envision 'what can be.'"

—Carlos Salum,
President and Chief Performance Architect, Salum International Resources, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina

“Uniquely and dynamically, The Brain Map identifies how an individual thinks about his/herself and how he/she looks at the world. It also gives suggestions to help the respondent communicate with others who may have a different way of processing information. The latest version of The Brain Map is right on target as it provides for understanding the impact of change, the key arena around which we all are focusing today."

—Judy Suiter,
CEO and Founder, Competitive Edge, Inc., Peachtree City, Georgia

“As the world changes, so must we. But how? The BrainMap is an assessment tool that stands in a class of its own. If you are interested in being a contributor, a leader, a change agent in this wide, wild world, The BrainMap will let you know where you are strong and what you need to do become stronger. For the most accurate, most effective and the quickest way to take that quantum leap to success, this is where you start.”

—Katherine Carol,
Owner, Tango Consulting, Denver, Colorado

We have incorporated The BrainMap in an internal Leadership Theories and Styles course for supervisors. Most participants request that we use the instrument with their work groups. And it is not uncommon to have supervisors contact us to see if we would administer it to their managers, stating "my boss needs this kind of insight."

—Edward W. Karasek,
Personnel Development, Fullerton, California

I like your BrainMap tool. Now I know when I get stuck and can't decide what to do next that I've got at least three other new options. When I introduce The BrainMap to others they often get a big ah-ha!

—Doug James,
Corporate Consultant, Edmonds, Washington

This tool is quite unique, unlike other "tests" out there. Directly because of this experience, I am embarking on forgotten pleasures using the right brain, including Giclée photography. Thanks for reminding me I am more than a left-brained obsessive entrepreneur.

—Cindy Jones
Owner,  Pro Star Waste, LLC, Goodrich, TX


Some of the organizations that have used The BrainMap or other BTC tools

JC Penney Co.
Shell Chemical Company
Turner Broadcasting Company
Pacific Gas and Electric
American Airlines
Weyerhaeuser Company
The Upjohn Company
Ocean Spray Cranberries
Alfred I. DuPont Institute
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Vermont Learning Center
Northwest Airlines
New York State Electric & Gas
Price Waterhouse Coopers, LLP
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
U.S. Air Force
Virginia Commonwealth University
RCA Solid State Division
Levi Strauss
Coca-Cola Bottling Midwest
Bell Canada
Saratoga-Pacific Corporation
Ohio Education Association
Western Illinois University
Inland Container Corporation
Stirn School of Business,
New York University
General Telephone of California
Bass Hotels & Resorts
Wells Fargo
Manufacturers Hanover Trust
University of Connecticut School of Business
University of Minnesota Labor Education Service
Central Maine Power Company
USDA—National Finance Center
Shell Development Company
Puerto Rico Telephone Company
Franklin University
Baltimore Public Schools
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Amoco Production Company
Santa Clara County
Sierra Health Services
BayBanks of Massachusetts
Idaho Transportation Dept.
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Mercedes Benz Credit Corp.
Carnation Company
AT&T Communications
General Foods
Airborne Express
Ralston Purina
City of Fresno
Ohio Bell
American Red Cross
Lyle Pacific Corporation
Marine Midland Bank
Clemson University
NLP Centers of Texas
Cheyenne Mountain Conference Center
CTO, Inc.
Franklin Square Hospital Center
The United States Senate Staff
Mercy Medical Center
Northwest Tech College
Assumption University, Bangkok
Internal Revenue Service
Sensa Solutions