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I’m WHO?"

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Here are some of the valuable anti-status-quo “brain training” ways your brain can use the versatile thinking skills assessment tool, The BrainMap®, to tell you WHO it thinks you are:

This sample graphic from the online BrainMap shows one user’s working profile. Your profile may be similar to this or very different, but it will go a long way toward answering the question, “My brain says I’m WHO?” © 2010 Brain Technologies Corporation. All rights reserved.
Draw pictures. The fully customized graphics in The BrainMap will highlight the kind of thinking you do best (see sample graphic at right). Also, they’ll show you where you may be underperforming and suggest ways you can do more and do it better. Just what you would expect from the world’s most authentic, “total brain” (right and left, front and back brain), surgery-based thinking skills model and tool.

Spotlight your biases. A “dirty little secret”: time and again, your brain forces you to specialize. Here’s a few of the tradeoffs: Results versus idealism. Action versus reflection. Complexity versus spontaneity. The future versus the past. The BrainMap makes clear how your brain limits—but also emboldens and shapes—your choices using its biases.

Show you how you are perceived.
Sir Isaac Newton was right: push against the world and the world pushes back. People pay attention to how your brain works. And react to how it works. The BrainMap will tell you what kind of reactions you can expect and suggest options for responding.

Talk about making it happen.
When it comes to being pro-active, your brain finds what you do with time, memory, emotions and negotiations particularly important. The BrainMap will spotlight your thinking specialties in these key anti-stuck areas and spell out important consequences.

Share its habits.
Your brain has moments when it is happiest and most productive. Plus moments when it muscles you into doing things its way, happy or not. And moments when it just won’t bulge. Under all-seeing gaze of this remarkable brain test, it’s “come clean” time about your brain’s habits, good, not-so-good and not-good-at-all.

Examine your life theme.
Your brain wants to believe you are here for a purpose. Of course, your brain has an ulterior motive. When you are on purpose, things go easier for it, too. The BrainMap encourages you to get in sync with your real purpose in life.

Look at ramping things up.
As a part of nature, your brain has its own chemistry, physics, energy sources—and hot buttons! As it marshals all these resources, it can be like a genie’s lamps. Rub the right lamp in the right way, and the results can be thrilling and productive. Rub the wrong one, or rub it the wrong way, and it can be a disappointing dry run. The BrainMap has numerous thinking-skills-building tips for making you a more effective user of the “change your brain” lamps of the genie in your head.

Coach you on how to talk to it
. Some philosophers believe that if you can’t say something, you can’t think it. For sure, if you and your brain don’t have quality conversations, there is a price to be paid. Consider The BrainMap your valued teacher for telling you exactly how your brain likes to be talked to. (And how other brains like to be talked to by it.)

You may think your brain has better things to do than sit around thinking about WHO you are. But in fact, the subject is never very far from its awareness.

And there’s never been a more important anti-status-quo time for you to know what it knows. Or an easier way to find out than when the master “brain training” tool, The BrainMap, is helping your brain do the talking.

In recognition of all that this unique brain test is and does, we’ve come to describe The BrainMap as the world’s only authentic “Total-Brain Interpretation, Prediction and Self-Improvement Thinking Skills Guide.” Order your personal copy—or several!—right now!

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