Who Wants to Do Whatever It Takes to Move
Their Career and Business—Indeed, Their Life!—
Forward in Difficult Times?
You Do, And You Can Have
This Vital Personal and Professional Advantage,

BUT FIRST, LET’S BE CLEAR!! There are many tools claiming to be able to help you be a better, sharper, quicker thinker. Some of them are widely advertised. And we are not here to criticize them. Anytime you find something that can actually show you how to get a lot more from your thinking, we are happy for you! But in evaluating the value and quality of any thinking-skills-improvement tool—ours or someone else’s—you need to be sure:

 (1) This tool is easy to understand.

 (2) You immediately see how it relates to you and your challenges.

 (3) It’s easy to apply.

 (4) It’s going to make real differences for you.

If you’re still with us, let us ask you just one more question. Do you agree that this is the most critical time of your life, career and business history for your brain to improve how it performs and delivers, and to do it as crisply, cleanly and economically as possible?


Then let’s not waste another moment before introducing your brain to one of the most dynamic, proactive, powerful “thinkware” tools ever created to help you change something that may have been set many years ago and reinforced many times since: your basic mindset!

Easy though it is to understand and apply, The BrainMap® will do nothing less than help you elevate the quality of your decision-making and results-producing to a whole new level in today’s fast-paced, demanding world. Personal growth isn’t easy, but it pays every step of the way! So let’s get your brain launched on the most important self-discovery and self-development times of your career, right now!

Most Profiling Tools Try to Force Your Thinking
into Only One Box. But the Truth Is…
You Are
Already an Out-of-the-Box Thinker!

The BrainMap Focuses on ALL the Important Thinking
Qualities that Your Brain Is Equipped to Produce
So It Can Give You a TRUE Total-Brained Picture!

Let’s pretend that the diagram below belongs to you—that this is the shape of the all-important mindset that defines your general BrainMap Profile—and that it depicts how your brain thinks (even though it is only a sample of the many “maps” you’ll be getting). With the very first “map” served up by your online BrainMap profile, you are going to find that your new understanding is already delivering new ideas on how to get more things done more smoothly, efficiently and effectively—that is, with greater results, more efficiently delivered!

This sample graphic from the online BrainMap shows one user’s working profile. Your BrainMap profile may be similar to this or very different, but it will go a long way toward answering the question, “My brain says I’m WHO?”

Why is this question so important? Because when it is asked to start making changes in its basic mindset, your brain expects one thing above all else: to be in charge. So nothing is more important at the start of any serious self-improvement, self-development, self-help effort involving major self-change than establishing a quality dialogue between your brain and yourself about who your brain really thinks you are! (After all, this is the basic mindset that is so all-controlling and all-directing when it comes time to change your thinking skills!)

And finding a viable way to get your brain involved in challenging or changing its own patterns, assumptions and behaviors is a made-to-order assignment for The BrainMap.

Using The BrainMap, you can invite your brain to be involved in all your efforts to do something different, something more, something greater—to move to the next level of your personal capability—and to do it without delay!

When you take The BrainMap online, you are immediately provided with a wealth of new self-knowledge that neither you nor your brain can afford to ignore when you are seeking to change your mindset. You’ll learn:

  • How your brain really sees you
  • Why a lot of what happens around you isn’t visible to you
  • How your brain can entrap you in a continuous, self-defeating cycle of behaviors
  • What your options for changing yourself are
  • How you can intervene in what your brain is planning for you
  • How your brain is likely to behave when it acts “out of character”
  • Why your brain steers you toward some activities and payoffs and away from others
  • How to trouble-shoot when your brain fails to deliver the results you need
  • How your brain prefers to learn—and how it sometimes refuses to do so

And that’s only for starters! There’s so much more to evaluate and act on when The BrainMap is finished searching out and narrating who and what your brain really thinks you are.

What makes The BrainMap so different?

For one thing, data from actual surgical procedures—that is, the right brain, left brain and the front brain, back brain surgeries—define and support the entire BrainMap model!

And what makes this brain test so productive?

It’s remarkable ability to put you in touch with the levers of your mind needed to change something that started to be put in place even before you were born: your basic mindset for observing and dealing with the world!

When The BrainMap is on the scene, your mind knows it is being asked the right questions about how to change your brain. And you know you are getting the brain change, brain training and life planning answers you need. You wouldn’t expect any less of what we’ve come to describe as the world’s only authentic “Total-Brain Interpretation, Prediction and Self-Improvement Guide.” We think you are going to agree with us that The BrainMap is the most important roadmap to self-growth and increasing your brain power available on the planet!

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Use The BrainMap to "scope out" your strengths
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Get the most important 3 pounds of you involved
to the very last neuron.
And move "life and career change
that works" to No. 1 on your priority list!

Here are some of the valuable mindset-changing ways your brain can use The BrainMap® to tell you WHO it thinks you are:

Draw pictures. The fully customized graphics in The BrainMap will highlight the kind of thinking you do best (see the sample graphic above). Also, they’ll show you where you may be under-performing and suggest ways you can do more and do it better. Just what you would expect from the world’s most authentic “total brain” thinking skills model and assessment tool.

Spotlight your biases. One of your brain’s “dirty little secrets” is that the mindset it adopted long ago forces you to specialize almost every moment of the working day. Here’s a few of the tradeoffs you are forced to make or factor in: Results versus idealism. Action versus reflection. Complexity versus spontaneity. The future versus the past. The BrainMap makes clear how your brain limits—but also emboldens and shapes—your choices using the biases of its long-time basic mindset.

Show you how you are perceived. Sir Isaac Newton was right: push against the world and the world pushes back. People pay attention to how your brain works. And react to how it works. The BrainMap will tell you what kind of reactions you can expect and suggest options for responding.

Talk about making it happen. When it comes to being pro-active and reactive, your brain finds what you do with time, memory, emotions and negotiations particularly important. The BrainMap will spotlight your thinking specialties in these key anti-stuck areas and spell out important consequences for the new mindset you need for today’s demanding times.

Share its habits. Your brain has moments when it is happiest and most productive. Plus moments when it muscles you into doing things its way, happy or not. And moments when it just won’t bulge. Under the all-seeing gaze of this remarkable brain test, it’s “come clean” time about your brain’s habits, good, not-so-good and not-good-at-all.

Examine your life theme. Your brain wants to believe you are here for a purpose. Of course, your brain has an ulterior motive. When you are on purpose, things go easier for it, too. The BrainMap encourages you to get in sync with your real purpose in life and remain there.

Look at ramping things up. As a part of nature, your brain has its own chemistry, physics, energy sources—and hot buttons! As it marshals all these resources, it can be like a genie’s lamps. Rub the right lamp in the right way, and the results can be thrilling and productive. Rub the wrong lamp, or rub it the wrong way, and it can be a disappointing dry run. The BrainMap has numerous thinking-skills-building tips for making you a more effective user of the “change your mindset” lamps of the genie in your head.

Coach you on how to talk to it. Some philosophers believe that if you can’t say something, you can’t think it. For sure, if you and your brain don’t have quality conversations, there is a price to be paid. Consider The BrainMap your valued teacher for telling you exactly how your brain likes to be talked to. (And how other brains like to be talked to by it.)

You may think your brain has better things to do than sit around thinking about WHO you are. But in fact, the subject is never very far from its awareness. And there’s never been a more important anti-status-quo time than right now for you to know what it knows and thinks about you. Or an easier way to finally unmask the basic mindset that defines your very being than when the master “brain change and training” tool, The BrainMap, is helping your brain do the talking.

In recognition of all that this unique brain test is and does, we know you are beginning to understand more fully why we consider The BrainMap the world’s only authentic “Total-Brain Interpretation, Prediction and
Self-Improvement Thinking Skills Guide.”

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Kinds of Brain Surgery Opened the Doors
to Understanding How Your Brain’s
Total Thinking Skills Could be Mapped

Look around you. And you’ll immediately notice the same thing we did. Simply because people all have the same kind of brain—the human brain—they don’t all use it the same way. Absolutely not! Here are some of the things they differ about:

  • Money! Some people think you should make all you can—and then make a lot more! Others don’t care much about money. Others can’t be trusted with what they do with YOUR money.

  • Rules! Some people like to make the rules. Others can be depended on to follow rules closely. And some don’t like rules AT ALL and can be expected to break them.

  • Novelty! Some people like surprises and are always looking for what’s new and novel. Others prefer a very tidy, predictable life and workplace. Then there are those who prefer some of both, but in moderation.

  • Dependability! You can depend on some people to meet deadlines, watch the bottom line and deliver results. And some people, you can seldom depend on at all.

  • Things they buy! The kinds of products and services that appeal to people who like trendy or ahead-of-their-time things are very different from what appeals to people who are happy with things as they are.

  • Complexity! Some people are simply “naturals” at finding solutions to complicated problems. Others seem to act without thinking, before they even know what the problem is!

You get the picture! And you no doubt wonder the same thing we did: why isn’t there a better way to anticipate how people’s brains work? And, a better way to understand how our own brain works? After all, if we talk to people in language that matches the way they see the world, we’re more likely to get the results we need!

What we found was that we needed to create a reliable “Total Brain Interpretation, Prediction and Self-Improvement Guide.” A guide designed to help you be smart, wise and proactive using your brain skills, and then, over time, to get even better at doing the right thing when it matters most even if your basic mindset resisted the idea.

While almost any dedicated mind researcher could build a “model” explaining how people use their brains, few of these included the total brain in their model. And once we saw the problem, then we realized the only way we could find a solution.

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Your Brain Provides You with Only Two
Proactive Choices Every Time You Need
to Make a Decision: You Can Go Left or Right,
and You Can Go Up or Down! So Which Are the
Best Choices to Make?
That’s the Value and the
Simplicity of Having Your Personal
BrainMap to Advise You!

To have a total brain model, we realized that we needed hard “behavior” data from people whose brain had, for all practical purposes, been surgically cut in two! Not only from front to back. But also left to right! And—wonder of wonders!—we discovered that this scientific data actually existed!!

The first of these surgeries (the corpus callosotomy) provided data on the pure forms of left and right brain thinking. The other surgery (the prefrontal lobotomy), data on the behavior that you see in the frontal lobes operating on their own and on instinctive behavior in the old brain working by itself.

Using studies of patients who had been operated on in this way let us literally put two and two together. The result is an authentic, complete “Total Brained Guide” to how your brain works. How you observe. How you predict. How you act. And how you can improve your thinking! Literally, how you can be more successful and satisfied with your life and your business or chosen calling!

You’ll not find a “brain tool” at any price that can deliver the wide range of valuable insights and suggestions that the amazingly low-priced BrainMap delivers. And it’s all yours within moments after you have completed The BrainMap’s quick-response online questionnaire!

What The BrainMap’s Accurate Analysis of Your Thinking Skills and Action Preferences Will Do for You!…

  • Help you make some of the most important self-discoveries of your life and career. Discoveries that can literally change your life and your luck! We’ve seen it happen many, many times.

  • Cause your brain to give up some of its most closely held secrets—secrets vital to your future planning, success, happiness and well-being!

  • Give you a mental picture of what brains around you are doing so accurate and so useful that you’ll become intimately acquainted with a little voice in your head that says, “This is The BrainMap speaking.…”

  • Provide you with an internal early-warning system to keep you from using the wrong part of your thinking skills to try to resolve problems and issues.

  • Create new appreciation for—and skills for responding to—people around you: family, friends, co-workers, employees, bosses, opponents, allies— especially when their brains don’t do what you were expecting.

  • Alert you to your brain’s “Dynamic Cycle”—the pattern of behavior that, unless you monitor it and alter it, steers you again and again to the same old troublesome problems and the same discouraging obstacles and outcomes.

  • Equip you to improve the way you communicate with people because you’ll understand so much more about how their brain “shows” them the world. Now, you’ll know so much more about what they don’t see and how this distorts their view of what’s real. (Also, you’ll better understand what you don’t see and why this matters so much for your own effectiveness and satisfaction!)

  • Offer you powerful, targeted clues for building new thinking skills.  After all, practice makes perfect, and the right kind of practice makes the right outcomes happen more quickly.

  • Reveal whether your life purpose and your standard brain practices are in sync. If they aren’t, they’ll work against each other. Wasted energies, wasted opportunities and wasted brainpower are always the result!

We believe all this happens for two reasons:

(1) Our model leaves nothing vital out of the Big Brain Picture that The BrainMap provides of how all brains—yours and other folks’—work day after day, year after year.

(2) Your brain is going to instinctively respond well and repeatedly to this powerful, clear-cut explanatory picture.

Beginning right now, never again is it necessary for you to make the critical, costly mistake of thinking that everyone else sees the world like you see it!

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But don’t just take our word for it!

We’ve received many, many testimonials from people throughout the world about the benefits of knowing what The BrainMap knows! Check out what they had to say:

No other assessment that I have seen bridges the gap between thinking preferences and what's possible as well as this one. The BrainMap gives its users tangible ways of growing as a thinker and an achiever. It's a tool that allows a person to see 'what is' and envision 'what can be.'

—Carlos Salum,
President and Chief Performance Architect, Salum International Resources, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina

If you run a business, The BrainMap is a great tool for giving you the communications and other workaday insights you need. I have been using it as part of my work with businesses for over 5 years now. I like it because it’s inexpensive, and the model has a solid logical and scientific basis. It’s powerful and easy to understand. And it’s practical and easy to apply. So I've built its ideas into my marketing courses, 1manbrand.co.uk and punchaboveyourweight.com, and into some leadership courses that I run. And I've used it extensively with customers ranging from sole traders to Virgin Atlantic.

Dr. Alan Rae,
Managing Partner, Free Spirits Ltd., Fletching Common, Newick, Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

If you are interested in being a contributor, a leader, a change agent in this wide, wild world, The BrainMap will let you know where you are strong and what you need to do become stronger. For the most accurate, most effective and the quickest way to take that quantum leap to success, this is where you start.”

—Katherine Carol,
Owner, Tango Consulting, Denver, Colorado

We have incorporated The BrainMap in an internal Leadership Theories and Styles course for supervisors. Most participants request that we use the instrument with their work groups. And it is not uncommon to have supervisors contact us to see if we would administer it to their managers, stating "my boss needs this kind of insight."

—Edward W. Karasek,

Personnel Development Consultant, Fullerton, California

It is different than any self-exploratory instrument that I have ever used. People using The BrainMap unequivocally begin to talk about themselves in some clearly focused ways.

Helen Moye
Organizational Development Professional, Detroit, Michigan

This tool is quite unique, unlike other "tests" out there. Directly because of this experience, I am embarking on forgotten pleasures using the right brain, including Giclée photography. Thanks for reminding me I am more than a left-brained obsessive entrepreneur.

—Cindy Jones
Owner,  Pro Star Waste, LLC, Goodrich, TX

Our “What You Get Is
What We Promised” Guarantee!

If for any reason you do believe The BrainMap does not deliver on the expectations raised in this message, we will refund your money in full any time within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Guarantees, of course, are intended to reduce your investment risk, and we’re happy to do that. But the real risk is not that you’ll try The BrainMap and find it wanting. The big risk is that you will have gotten this close to information capable of providing you with one of the most vital, valuable personal advantages you’ll ever own! It’s a risk we want to do everything we can help you avoid. So … Anytime within 30 days. No questions asked. If you are not satisfied, you get a complete refund!

So How Much, Folks?

In just moments, you can be taking The BrainMap’s quick-response questionnaire (it takes only minutes to complete). When that is finished, you’ll immediately receive your full BrainMap Master Interpretation, Prediction and Self-Improvement Guide to the Total Brain, ready for viewing online.* (Also, you can print out a hard copy!**)  All this for only …


The price for most personal assessments is
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And you can't lose with our 100%, Ironclad,
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The BrainMap is the creation of Dudley Lynch, President
of Brain Technologies of Gainesville, Florida. Mr. Lynch's books,
"thinkology" models and assessment profiles have been
changing people and organizations for the better since 1979.
His powerful insights and hit-the-ground techniques have been recognized
around the world through books like Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring
a Win in a Chaotic World
and The Mother of All Minds: Leaping Free
of an Outdated Human Nature
. His works have been translated
into eight languages and are considered classics in the field
of personal and organizational development. He observes, "When changes
are coming at us as fast and furious as they are today, there simply is
no substitute for tuning up our personal evolutionary thinking
processes and searching for new insights and new ways to personally
take our mind higher."

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