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Amid the growing excitement about Strategy of the Dolphin® in the early 1990s, its authors—Brain Technologies’ president Dudley Lynch and Paul L. Kordis—realized that their adaptation of the late Dr. Clare W. Grave’s seven-stage model of human worldviews was going to trigger curiosity on any number of fronts.

One was in levels of the mind or spiral values systems beyond Dr. Grave’s ceiling-busting System 7, in particular the incoming super-system 8. While Dudley and Paul were assembling their thoughts on such post-Gravesean human “biopsychosocial” domains, Dudley happened to be in Melbourne, Australia, for a management presentation. His hosts provided a tour of the city’s famous butterfly exhibition, and it was there that he hit on the idea of calling the successor to the Dolphin belief system “the Monarch.” Shortly thereafter, the authors decided to call their next book, Code of the Monarch: An Insider’s Guide to the Real Global Business Revolution.

Within a few months, they produced a work that many readers now believe anticipated numerous key information developments of the late 20th and early 21st Century, including the explosive growth of a globally linked communication network called the Internet.

You, the reader, can decide how closely what Dudley and Paul described in the quasi-apocalyptic language and examples of Monarch comes to matching with the extraordinary realities defining the turn of the century and the years since. But few informed, honest observers will argue now with their main assertion: that without a shift to a new global mind, nearly everything that is important to you in the real global economy is going to happen where you can't see it.

As also happened with Strategy of the Dolphin, the most intense interest in their intepretation of Dr. Graves’ theory and their own extension of it quickly developed in Germany. Before long, Code of the Monarch had been selected as the second work in Junfermann Verlag's futuristic Medienanthropologie series, joining Marshall McLuhan's and Bruce R. Power's The Global Village. (The German version of Monarch was titled Der Schlüssek zur Globalisierung: handbuch für den Wandel.)

The authors of Code of the Monarch urged an understanding on their readers that they must first close up shop emotionally in "Genesis," the first great survival-oriented symphony of human values and achievement, to do well in what was to come.

To achieve that closure, there was a "great rift" separating the old epoch of human achievement from the new to be vaunted. Only then would they have the eyes and ears needed to thrive in the authors' new "invisible economy," where the watchwords were complexity, speed, competency, expanded time and space, elegant outcomes, efficient results and an authentic global outlook.

In "Exodus," the new System 8 business epoch now emerging, the emphasis is going to be on preparing to bifurcate, scanning broader and focusing narrower, searching relentlessly for architectures that work, leveraging irregular patterns, monitoring the influences of the era's new technologies on human thinking and creativity and focusing on producers, not consumers.

Not every businessperson since the book was published has heeded the book’s prescient warnings about incoming spiral values System 8, nor has every politician and policymaker and media pundit. And some entire economies and societies—some of them very large and influential—may have put themselves at grave risk for having ignored Code of the Monarch’s warnings and instructions on the need for paying heed to the new global mind and its attending “invisible economy.”

If now as then, if you choose to be an active participant in a business world so unthinkable, complex and potentially reordering that most businesspeople will deny that it is happening, this is the insider's guide you will need to prosper from the trends, influences and technologies that are making it inevitable.

Table of Contents

1. Teleology, Chaos and Metamorphosis: The Makings of a Productivity Revolution
2. Code of the Monarch: An Insider's Guide to the New Marketplace
3. 'The Third Closure": Mobilizing Abundance and Diversity
4. Advance to the 'Geos': Accelerating the Quantum Gains of the Time Mirror
5. How to Survive/Succeed/Lead in the 'Invisible Economy': Remaking Business and Matter

You’ll be amazed at how much these authors anticipated developments large and small in the business economy of the past decade or so. Not to mention the development of the new global mind and the myriad influences of their “invisible economy.” And how pertinent so many of their acutely perceptive readings of events and the underlying trends remains to this hour. Order your copy of Code of the Monarch now!

Soft cover (plastic spiral binding). 318 pages. ISBN 0-945822-03-0.

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