"Our brains think
we’re WHO?"

The consummate couples test
for getting you a heads-up and
a leg up on compatibility issues

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As the caption on the cover of The Couples BrainMap says, this is "a guide to how your brains create your world together." 

Before pointing to areas of potential conflict and areas of potential synergy, The Couples BrainMap first focuses on how the brains of the partners select, filter and shape information generally. Information, of course, is at the heart of any partnership. 

The Couples BrainMap provides two copies of the BrainMap questionnaire. This permits each partner to be the individual they are. The challenge then becomes listening to and comparing, inquiring and explaining, admiring and accepting, two different approaches to "doing a world" together.

Can the partners develop core areas of agreement on how they see things? Can they find ways to handle their disagreement on information each thinks is important and information each chooses to ignore? Can each reconcile the other's processing strengths, weaknesses and preferences if they happen to be in conflict with their own?

How The Couples BrainMap works

  • Provides user-friendly instructions for self-administering, self-scoring and self-interpreting
  • Contains two removable copies of the questionnaire from The BrainMap, BTC's popular, proven instrument for capturing a person's information processing preferences
  • Uses a quadrant model based on research by Nobel-Prize-winner Roger Sperry, Ward Halstead, A.R. Luria and others
  • Instructs each partner on how to collect his or her scores from the 63-item questionnaire
  • Provides for the production of a visual map that tracks the degree to which both partners use four basic types of information processing plus many variations
  • Notes how you apply dozens of thinking characteristics in easy-to-follow interpretation charts

What The Couples BrainMap does

  • Spotlights the natural strengths in both partners' thinking skills and encourages a new appreciation for similarities and differences
  • Identifies situations that may occur in a relationship that one or both partners may tend to avoid
  • Examines the nuts and bolts of negotiating styles, especially during times of stress
  • Calls attention to the kinds of small trade-offs that will encourage better conversation between the partners
  • Provides a way to use the BrainMap results to identify areas that, if developed, may produce important benefits in a relationship
  • Makes it easier for each partner to talk about the way they think

How The Couples BrainMap delivers

  • Assists the partners in systematically applying their mutual thinking characteristics and preferences to circumstances they encounter almost daily
  • Sends the users on a journey of exploration to identify areas of overlap, separateness and uncharted spaces in their relationship
  • Guides the users through a thorough, if speedy, analysis of who and what is exerting an important influence on their relationship
  • Encourages the partners to identify activities that will bring new vitality and growth to their relationship
  • Suggest qualities that each partner might wish to commit to providing in the relationship
  • Clues the couple to circumstances when their kind of "brain talk"—conversation—works well and when it doesn't

Other information on The Couples BrainMap

  • Full color designer-quality cover incorporating two faces interspersed with two traditional symbols of growth, the tree and the butterfly.
  • 20 pages of instructions and interpretations in an 11-inch-by-8-1/2-inch format with two copies of the BrainMap questionnaire inserted securely

The Couples BrainMap Facilitator’s Guide

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