“Willing” better
thinking and higher
values for yourself

Let the Dolphin Strategy
trilogy of “how to climb your mind”
books show you a better way to
value things, for your sake—
and for the world’s!

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Dolphins have brains as large as ours. This explains why they are the most accomplished all-around thinkers of the deep. Inquisitive. Observant. Innovative. Quick learners. And the only thinking occupants of the sea that can butt heads with a shark and live to tell about it.

When we went looking for a suitable metaphor for the newest human thinking and belief systems, Dolphins fit the bill perfectly. And that led to our best-selling book, Strategy of the Dolphin®: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World. The book is based on the spiral values theory of the late American psychologist, Dr. Clare W. Graves.

In Strategy, Brain Technologies president Dudley Lynch and co-author Paul L. Kordis urged readers to take action on these life-shaping realities in the interest of “change your mind” goals and thinking skills development:

  • Your mind develops in stages or levels. These authors adopted a marine theme in naming these stages Carp, Shark, Pseudo-Enlightened Carp and Dolphin.
  • Your mind level largely determines its view of the world: its worldview, and all its values and beliefs.
  • The same is true for everyone, so if you can identify their worldview, you have a powerful predictor of what they value most in life—what they will live for, die for, work for and yearn for.
  • Cutting-edge ideas and technologies in today’s world are most often coming from Dolphin-quality minds.
  • There are benefits to “thinking like a Dolphin” even if you aren’t able to fully adopt a Dolphin mind.

Above all, the authors of Strategy of the Dolphin, urge their reader to ask this “purpose of life” question, "What am I alive to do?" And they offer this answer, “You are here to make certain things happen. And you need to realize that the Universe has given you certain resources to help you do it. Ignoring this all-important reality will make you less productive and satisfied with your living and working. So, again, you need to answer the question, ‘What am I alive to do?’”

No sooner was Strategy of the Dolphin, the book, off the presses than readers were asking for a Dolphin-type guide to help in becoming a Dolphin thinker. That meant an "elegant" guide in the sense that there was a minimum of time and motion wasted for its user.

Again, Dudley and Paul went to work. The result was 31 principles of Dolphin thinking. Principle No. 1 is "Know your wave." Principle No. 31 is "To have it different from the way you have it now—act!"Between the first and the last of the Dolphin principles in DolphinThink™, the workbook, lie the elegantly-thought-through foundational steps of this now-famous personal brain training, thinking skills development and spiral values climbing technology.

This Reader of Strategy of the Dolphin Says:
I have read the book many times and I see new perspective every time; I bought many copies of the books for my best friends and my best enemies. I spoke so much about the life-changing effects the book had on me that all the copies in my library are all on loan and I could not get them back again.

Pekun Tomori,
Lagos, Nigeria

As the “Dolphin Strategy” grew in popularity—its lead author and the other co-founder of Brain Technologies, Sherry Ann Lynch, traveled to six continents to present on the model—Dudley expanded the reach of the theory and its practical aspects in novel fashion: he resurrected his highly praised work, Your High-Performance Business Brain, a MacMillan’s Business Book Club selection of the mid-1980s, as Your Dolphin High-Performance Business Brain. The work was soon printed in German by Rudolf Haufe Verlag as DelphinDenken: Gewinn mit Gehirn (DolphinThink: Profit with Your Brain).

If you are ready to begin the rest of your thinking-like-a-Dolphin life, the book—Strategy of the Dolphin—will tell you what and why. The tuitorial for putting the skills in place—DolphinThink™, the workbook—will show you when and how. And the model-extending operational manual, Your Dolphin High-Performance Business Brain, will help you permanently lock these elegant new “change your brain” skills in place both conceptually and practically as a key part of your new thinking and higher spiral values skills.

The heart of the Brain Technologies “change your brain” philosophy and new thinking skills developing approach is provided in this trio of dolphin strategy-based books. Together, they will lead you straight to the exhilarating, elegant-thinking, abundance-creating waters of the Dolphin thinker! Carpe Dolphin! (Or, don’t miss the boat!) For order details, go to: