"How We Got In the Business
of Helping People Go from
Cope to Competent"

Like most folks who are happy
with their life work, we followed
our purpose and our passion!

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Dudley and Sherry Lynch founded Brain Technologies Corporation in the late 1970s as an outgrowth of an unusually favorable marketplace reaction to a newsletter they were publishing called Brain & Strategy

The 10-times-a-year publication tracked developments in the budding field of neurological-related research that could be applied to more general issues, such as creativity, brain-based learning, decision-making, perceptual awareness and other areas of thinking skills and life change development.

In the early 1980s, the Lynches relocated from the Dallas, Texas, area to Fort Collins, Colorado, where their company flowered. One reason was the growing popularity of their first personal assessment product, The BrainMap®. This was quickly followed by three other assessment tools: MindMaker6®, The mCircle® Instrument and PathPrimer®.

The company and its self-discovery tools moved onto a worldwide stage dramatically in the early 1990s with publication first by a major New York publisher and then numerous other publishers around the world of Strategy of the Dolphin®: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World. Written with a longtime colleague, Dr. Paul L. Kordis, Dudley’s “Strategy” provided its readers with a memorable way to think about life change processes and moving to new thinking skills levels through the use of brain-training-based tools and models.

The work was based on the structural developmental theory of the late American psychologist, Dr. Clare W. Graves. Except where Dr. Graves, ever the scholar, had talked in dry, academically nuanced terms, “Strategy” talked vividly of the behaviors, values and beliefs of Carps, Sharks, Pseudo-Enlightened Carps and Dolphins. To date, the work has been published in eight languages (the latest Turkish, in 2008) and numerous editions, both hardcover and paperback. “Strategy” was a best-seller in German and French—and an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild Book Club in America.

For much of the 1990s, the Lynches toured abroad, training thinking skills professionals to use their assessment tools and personal growth models or presenting to corporate and other audiences on whole brain learning and testing on six continents. In addition, nearly a thousand professional consultants, educators, therapists and consultants came to Fort Collins and later to Plano, Texas, for BTC’s three-day training event for new associates in the field of empowering vital new life changes and thinking skills.

In the late 1990s and in the new century, with the arrival of grandchildren, BTC’s founders opted to curtail their travels to concentrate on family and the creation of new products. Their Asset Report®: The Book of You tool was soon being praised for its extraordinary (“so much from so little”) questionnaire and rich variety of useful insights into how a user thinks (drawn from a 12,000-item database that took Dudley four years to assemble). And now comes a new book, LEAP! How to Think Like a Dolphin & Do the Next Right, Smart Thing Come Hell or High Water, that revisits and expands the usefulness as it puts the Graves "biopyschosocial" theory and next-level psychology model in a Twenty-First Century context.

In 2008, the Lynches and their company followed their grandchildren to Florida. Until further family developments, they now call Gainesville home along with the University of Florida Gators and no shortage of real critters lurking about.

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