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At Brain Technologies, we view The Game as seriously as a heart attack. If you understand why, we think you will, too.

As a rule, when we talk about The Game, we aren’t taking about things people do for fun  (although playing The Game can often be part of the fun, too).

In The Game, you work to get your desires and needs met. And that means going to, through, around or away from someone else who is trying to get his or her needs and desires met. So in life and at work, you are never very far from The Game. Because The Game is frequently about the need for conflict resolution. About dilemmas. About “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” entrapments. Sometimes very serious ones.

A reminder from Brain Technologies’ mCircle Instrument audio visual show that there are consequences for the wealth of the universe every time a game is played. (For more on this PowerPoint presentation, go here)

The Game is about how people make things happen—or delay or prevent the building or making of them. About how wealth and power, access and opportunity, get boosted. Or rearranged. Or destroyed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean The Game is always a contest or competition or conflict intended to produce winners and losers, although this is often the case. The Game can be played cooperatively, too. And many instances of The Game involve features of both. (Or, for that matter, neither.) That’s why in discussing The Game, we often talk about positive sum, zero sum and negative sum outcomes. The Game can be complicated. It can, and often does, grow tangled and vexing very quickly.

Sometimes, you can find yourself boxed into a corner, and it isn't worth the hassle it would require to participate further in The Game. So you toss in the towel—who cares?

Other times, you may stand to lose something very dear in The Game—perhaps even your life. But you persist, because The Game affects so much and so many.

On still other occasions, you may be able to make a move that, startlingly, brilliantly, converts The Game from a win/lose proposition into something altogether different. (That’s called conflict resolution “reframing”—a creative “change your brain” skill that is critical to being good at playing The Game.)

And sometimes, you can do something so unexpected and artful and strategic in The Game that it takes a finite outcome and turns it into an infinite one. (This is reframing at its best!)

Getting better and better at playing The Game is what becoming a wiser, savvier winner is all about. And helping you be more aware, proficient and more imaginative when playing The Game is the purpose of Brain Technologies’ The mCircle Instrument, a conflict style discovery and dilemma resolution tool that focuses on soft skills as well as more hard-edged ones.

The “m” stands for “metanoics,” a Greek word meaning a change or shift of mind. Making smart, effective shifts of mind—shifts that reframe—when you are playing The Game is the straightest “brain training” path to becoming that wiser, savvier winner. And many of those shifts are soft skills shifts because they focus people's attention on getting everyone's needs met and dealing with feelings as well as hard facts..

, The mCircle Instrument will make undeniably clear what your favorite conflict resolution move usually is in The Game. (Sometimes, making that particular conflict style move is a good idea. But often, it isn’t, at least not as often as you use it.)

, it will insist that you understand other important (reframing) moves you could make.

, it will give you a powerful, Cliff Notes-like understanding of what the consequences are each time you choose (or decide by default) to use a particular “metanoics circle” strategy.

, it will explain in detail the most powerful of the mCircle strategies and when it should and shouldn’t be used.

And, finally
, it will help you see why in love, the family, sports, business, politics and the all the other interactions of gods and humankind nothing matters more than how skilled you are at playing The Game.
With that, we’re out of here. If you really want to know what’s in The mCircle Instrument, it’s your responsibility to act now. (That’s one kind of mCircle strategy.) Or we can tell you that our supplies of The mCircle Instrument are limited, and you need to order now or risk being left behind? (That’s another kind of strategy.) You can beg us to give you a free copy claiming you are weak and a victim? (Yet another kind.) You can offer to trade us two setting hens and a dozen eggs for a copy? (Yet another.) You can fly into our Florida headquarters city tomorrow and we can talk about cooperating to teach the mCircle “game” strategies to every one of the world’s seventh graders? (Now there’s a jewel of a very different kind of conflict resolution strategy for use in The Game, maybe even an infinite one!)

Which mCircle strategy is best for you? That’s your call. Which is usually how it is when it comes to deciding how wise and how savvy you want to be when it comes to winning at The Game. (Life, too!) But more often than not, the answer comes from skilled use of the soft skills for dealing with yourself and others, and that's the playing field for The Game where The mCircle Instrument has no peer. Order your copy (or several) now!

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