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A reminder from Brain Technologies’ mCircle Instrument audio visual show that we can usually know when it is time to play Breakthough by watching for the signs. (For more on this PowerPoint presentation, go here)

Becoming a wiser, savvier winner lies at the heart of Brain Technologies’ powerful, reality-changing conflict style assessment tool, The mCircle Instrument.

How does it do that? By seeking to make you better at playing The Game.
The Game is everywhere in life. You play it to get your desires and needs met. This means dealing with others who are seeking to get their desires and needs met. How skilled you are at playing The Game can spell success or failure in love, the family, sports, business, politics and the all the other interactions of gods and humankind.

The quickest way to make you a wiser, savvier winner in playing The Game is to teach yourself new skills for reframing. When you reframe, you shift how you think about people, what they mean to you and what you’d
like the outcome of your interactions with them to be. And, importantly, how you intend to pursue such outcomes. These steps can make all the difference in conflict resolution outcomes.

If you change how you “frame” knotty problems—change your expectations, change your attitude, change your assessment of what’s possible and what’s desirable and how you pursue it—something quite new and different may appear. It is even possible—in a kind of problem-solving magic—that all or much of what you were seeing before as problematic may disappear.

Anyone who has spent quality time with The mCircle Instrument has learned how they typically seek to play “The Game”. They know which mCircle conflict resolution strategies they are naturally good at applying. Which ones they tend to overuse. And which ones they misapply or ignore.

Here’s more about The mCircle Instrument’s inner game:

How The mCircle Instrument works

  • Provides you with step-by-step instructions for completing, self-scoring and self-interpreting the instrument
  • Presents you with ten "problem" situations and asks you to respond as if you were a participant
  • Produces a visual map that tracks your strength using each of 5 “signature” mCircle problem-solving approaches
  • Ranks the value of your most likely response in terms of payoff, effect on relationships, access to choices, balanced use of strategies and short- and long-term survival consequences

What The mCircle Instrument does

  • Strengthens your "change your brain" awareness that most problem situations can be handled in more than one way
  • Pinpoints the core strength and benefit of each of the mCircle strategies
  • Offers firm guidelines for judging when it is best to use a specific strategy
  • Makes you more aware of when you are using a specific strategy

How The mCircle Instrument delivers

  • Consolidates several important brain training technologies into one easy-to-grasp model
  • Makes clear why "doing more of the same harder" doesn't work as well as it used to
  • Helps you identify how you typically respond in situations where no solution is obvious
  • Shows you how to prevent events or other persons from limiting your options
  • Encourages you to develop responses that are flexible, imaginative, appropriate and, above all, effective
  • Coaches you on how to size up potential Breakthrough situations
  • Points out opportunities to pursue Breakthrough solutions that you may be overlooking
  • Measures whether your standard conflict resolution style contributes to developing resources for the greater good or takes resources away

Just be prepared for one thing if you ask The mCircle Instrument to help you become a wiser, savvier winner.

There’s no way to become wiser and savvier without reframing yourself. So hold on tight. Inviting The mCircle Instrument into your awareness pretty much guarantees that you are in for a different kind of ride! It all starts here:

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More Information If You Need It

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  • Check out our training guides and audio-visuals for The mCircle Instrument.