"What does my
mind keep turning a
blind eye to?"

It depends. You need to know
where you are on “the spiral.”

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Why does it matter that there are things your mind refuses to look at? Or ignores because it doesn’t realize they are there? Or, if it does see them, insists that they work in certain ways when it is obvious that they don’t?

That’s sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? Or wasteful. Or silly. And it can be any of these—or all.

“The mind’s blind eye” is another one of those critical brain realities. That’s why we’ve made working with it a top priority at Brain Technologies.

Even for a questing, evolving, “change your brain”-oriented mind, moving on to a more observant, more resilient, more competent way of looking at the world isn’t the easiest of “brain training” or thinking skills tasks.. Here’s why:

  • Your brain builds its understanding of the world from the bottom up. Simple things first, more complex things later.

  • There is so much for your brain to know and figure out, by the time the complex things appear on its “radar,” it has often forgotten what it has already decided about the simpler things.

  • Therefore, many of these decisions about simple things become “beliefs.” Short cuts. Ways your brain deals with the “out of sight, out of mind” reality of how its innermost workings values things.

  • In sum, your beliefs add up to your current worldview. That is, your beliefs determine what you can “see” in the world and what you can’t.

  • If you need to see more in the world and see it in new kinds of ways, then you absolutely have to change your primary worldview or value system. That is, change your beliefs so you can change your life in wholesale ways. And many, many people in our times and previous times have found this to be a “change your brain” or thinking skills task very difficult or impossible to achieve.
A reminder from Brain Technologies’ MindMaker6 audio visual show that our mind often moves on to the next level when it develops questions for which there are no answers where it currently resides. . (For more on this PowerPoint presentation, go here)

So, why bother?

Because there’s nothing more important to your satisfaction, your safety and your success in the world than equipping you with beliefs that will not only help you cope better moment by moment but will also make you more competent at understanding the bigger picture.

Where to start?

Go shopping. Literally. Check out what new worldviews or value systems are available.

For that task, you’ll not find a quicker, more insightful or more accurate way to zero in on (1) what worldviews or value systems you currently use (2) what other worldviews or value systems are available and (3) what is at stake if you succeed in adopting new worldviews or value systems than Brain Technologies’ MindMaker6.

This powerful worldview-examining and -reordering tool is based on the remarkable value system identification methods of the late Dr. Clare W. Graves, the American psychologist. He is the father of the famed spiral model of human value systems.

MindMaker 6 not only identifies the values most important to your mind. It also ranks them. And it offers you clues to  significant “spiral training” benefits you may be missing because your mind simply isn’t aware that there is a world on the Graves spiral values model where they exist.

What’s the real power, joy and benefit of dealing successfully with the thinking skills problem of “the mind’s blind eye”? Well, you will get different answers to that question from different dancers at different locations on the Graves spiral model. But it all starts with being able to see, accept and excel in “spiral training” worlds you might once have walked right past because you didn’t know they were there. Let a more purposeful journey begin on the spiral values model, and let MindMaker6 be your mind’s travel guide! Order your personal copy of MindMaker6 right now for the “brain training” ride of your life!

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