"Where is the next
level—and how do
I get there?"

More praise for Dudley Lynch’s
landmark work on
Dr. Clare W. Grave’s
famed values spiral theory.

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“There are books you scan to find one or two things (90% of all books). Then there are books like the The Mother of All Minds: books you read. There are books you read to get some information or understanding. Then there are books like the The Mother of All Minds: books that make you think. There are books you read and think about. Then there is a book like The Mother of All Minds: a book that transforms you.”

—Marjan Bolmeijer,
Founder, Change-Leaders.com, Detroit, Michigan

"I found myself with tears in my eyes and a resounding inner ‘YES!’ as I read Dudley’s description of the transition to Beta mind. He was describing one of the most difficult periods of my life, and when I realized what I had actually been doing then in terms of my own development, I closed the book for a minute to really feel my gratitude for this book’s insightful gifts. The Mother of All Minds is a mind and life changing experience."

—Robert Sandidge,
Principal, CreativeCore Inc., Algonquin, Illinois

“I have a hard time putting into words the tremendous joy and satisfaction I am experiencing in my life right now as a direct result of your work.”

—Brian Lundquist,
Publisher, NanoTech-now.com

"I started reading MOAM and didn't put it down until finished. The sections on Beta Blockers and Operating Insights for the levels of the mind changed my perceptions of how we move through our lives. What a superb explanation of the ways our minds play the 'game' of being human."

—Kathleen Barclay, Ph.D.,
Strategic Visions, Chandler, Arizona

"Your remarkably insightful work has truly been instrumental in an extraordinary mind shift that I have been joyously experiencing over the past week. I have accomplished more in terms of goal setting and clearly defined objectives to help in the betterment of humankind than I have in the last two years. Notably, I have begun to realize the incredible optimism you wrote about in The Mother of All Minds in my own thinking."

—Marvin Collier,
CIO, Optima Business Solutions, Washington, D.C.

"I read the book from cover to cover in two sittings. I know you think some of Stephen King's stories are a bit on the nutty side, but you have what he tries to achieve, i.e., page turnability. Your prose style is very entertaining and rich with interesting metaphors that serve to make complex ideas less daunting than they could be otherwise."

—Dr. Sean Brophy,
Sean Brophy Associates, Dublin, Ireland

"[In his] easy-to-read combination of simple conversation and profound eloquence, Dudley plays with words and phrases like a musician plays with arpeggios. If you love language and thrill to its usage, you will enjoy the read as much as the content. The process of reading certain passages evokes a flow state not unlike driving a hot sports car on a scenic and mountainous highway. The twists and turns of Dudley’s prose posit a challenging assumption—transporting the reader on an adventurous journey of self-confrontation in the service of evolving our species.”

—Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.,
Lucid Learning Systems, Syosset, New York

"Never have I picked up a non-fiction book and read it so avidly and enjoyed it quite so much as I have The Mother of All Minds. Reading each page is like reading a regular and progressive self-affirmation. Your writing style is fantastic—I so enjoy it. Your use of the language is really fun. My vocabulary is increasing as I’m having to use the dictionary for to understand some things—not that 'El Toro poo-poo' requires a dictionary! Just a few moments for me to realize what you meant and left me chuckling even as I think about it now!"

——Dave Lees,
Owner, IntegritUs Ltd., Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, U.K.

"The Mother of All Minds is easily the best written, most enjoyable and potentially most useful book I've ever read about Clare Graves' theory. With so much change surrounding us, and more, much more on the way, a better set of mental faculties is no longer an option but a necessity. Dudley Lynch has taken Clare Graves' groundbreaking research into a new realm, that of the Beta Mind. This new mind may just be what has been lacking in the increasingly desperate attempts of individuals and institutions to cope with exploding change. If you're heading for the future—and aren't we all?—don't leave home without it."

—Rinze Terluin,
managing director of Loslaten bv, change management consultancy, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands


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