"Where is the next
level—and how do
I get there?"

Many think Dr. Clare W. Graves’
spiral values theory supplies the
best answers—and the best book
on Graves is Dudley Lynch’s
account of what it’s like to
“climb your mind.”

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Not many people bother to ask what the next big level of thinking skills is, much less how to get there themselves. So, please accept our congratulations! Merely by asking the question, you have distinguished yourself as someone capable of making a difference—of being different and, most likely, being the difference!

Why don’t more people think to ask such a question?

One possibility is that they aren’t sure they want an answer. Going somewhere you haven’t been before can be off-putting. It may require traveling strange paths. Dealing with unknowns. And momentarily losing touch with what seems real, right and comfortable.

One way to reduce the fear of personal growth and change is to remove some of the uncertainty. You do this by letting your mind know what to expect if it gets serious about moving “up” and being more.

This PowerPoint slide from Brain Technologies’ audio visual show on the new Beta thinking system reminds us that as the world becomes more complex, our mind must adopt a wider “viewing window” on the world. Such issues are discussed at length in Dudley Lynch’s The Mother of All Minds: Leaping Free of an Outdated Human Nature.  (For more on our PowerPoint presentations, go here)

So when people ask us how to get to the next big level, our answer is usually this: Read Dudley Lynch’s The Mother of All Minds: Leaping Free of an Outdated Human Nature. It’s the mother of all guidebooks on the subject of getting to the next big level of the mind.

That’s because MOAM is the groundbreaking account of a veteran mind explorer’s and master storyteller’s own journey (thus far) through the mind’s formative “life” laboratory as described by the spiral values theory of the late American psychologist, Dr. Clare W. Graves.

Its author reminds us that only a short time ago, many individuals whose heart was in the right place also thought their head and feet were, too. Thought the world was mellowing a little. Getting a tad kinder and easier. Becoming more controllable, more manageable.

But those hopes are clearly stressed, if not on the ropes. The world has never moved as swiftly in unexpected directions as it is moving now.

Ever the "thinkologist," Brain Technologies’ own personal change expert says nothing is more critical than making sure your personal faculties aren't frozen in time and brain tissue when so much else around you is changing explosively and problematically.

Dudley introduces us to an emergent new mind powered by an outrageous healthy and wholesome ego that he believes is forming a new thinking elite at the leading edges of human nature. He calls this developing mind Mind 2.0 or Beta, as opposed to Mind 1.0 or Alpha, variations of which are used by most people alive.
In The Mother of All Minds, he reports that this new mind or values system:

  • has a built-in ethical corrective
  • isn't sidetracked easily by emotions
  • notices and responds to changes quickly
  • manages itself better than any manager can
  • enjoys newness and experimentation
  • acts swiftly to evade and remove bottlenecks
  • works well with people and technology
  • demonstrates complex personal competencies
  • enjoys making complicated situations work right

The author of The Mother of All Minds believes users of Mind 2.0 hold out important hope to the world.
Mr. Lynch is no stranger to thinking fresh, sometimes audacious, thoughts about thinking. As the lead author of the best-selling work, Strategy of the Dolphin®: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World, and the author of numerous other works on improving our uniquely human qualities, he has long encouraged his readers to seek out and develop more agile, expansive and inclusive worldviews and thinking skills.

This Reader of MOAM Says:

The Mother of All Minds is a fascinating, intricate and brilliant work, yet as readable as a good novel. It is both philosophically challenging and at the same time practically useful to people who are serious about wanting to grow and adapt to the new world we live in.  I found it as impactful as a punch in the face but not without a sense of humour. Dudley Lynch may well be doing for Clare Grave's theory what Daniel Goleman did for Emotional Intelligence.  

Noel Odou,
author of Magnificently Insignificant (Brolga, 2009) and insurance industry training consultant, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


He believes that only the revolutionary mind he chronicles in The Mother of All Minds can hope to deal effectively with a world that isn't working out the way we thought it would. In this wide-ranging, highly readable inquiry into how minds can change, he argues that finding the means and the motivation to move beyond our conventional thought processes and belief structures may well be essential to our very survival as a species.

Readers have characterized The Mother of All Minds as a rarity among motivational and life-instructional books. It has a no-phooey, good humored honesty that serves well in an age awash in easy psychobabble and spiritual “cheap grace.”

And its author never takes his eye off his “change your mind” goal: giving you, his reader, everything he can offer to help you decide if moving to the next big level of your mind is worth the effort and the cost. Because he makes it clear what is required if you keeping training your brain to move on. What you must leave behind. And what is strange and new that is ushered into your view and your grasp. With the new competencies that arrive, he warns, come new responsibilities. And the new insights that materialize, he reports, require owning up to and taking ownership of sobering new realisms.

The Mother of All Minds is strong medicine, for strong-minded readers ready and willing to make—or to complete—the leap to potent new thinking, doing and being capabilities and other emerging brain/mind attributes on the values spiral. Order your copy right now (and maybe an extra “excitement loves company” copy for the person in your life who best understands your desire to live life to the fullest!)

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