Who Wants Their Mind to Keep Up?
You Do, and We Are Going to Show You What Happens
When You Give Your Mind Permission to Move On
and Climb the Values Spiral
. We Are Going to Explode
the MYTH that Beliefs Are Off Limits...RIGHT NOW!”

WHOAAAAAA! STOP RIGHT THERE! Before you spend another moment reading this, let’s make one thing clear: It simply isn’t true that all you have to do in life to make something real is change your beliefs. There is no abracadabra—no hocus-pocus—that will reliably do that. And shame on the so-called change “gurus” and self-help “experts” who promote this outlandish falsehood!

Growing a better mind is the ongoing work of a lifetime and many changes in beliefs. Growing new kinds of mind can only happen to someone willing to put themselves under the microscope daily and ask, “What can I do to avoid running head-long into the ‘same old, same old’?” Your mind is no dummy! Keep doing this, and you’ll find yourself changing course. Coupled with intelligent choice-making, this kind of commitment is what makes lasting personal change possible.

Still with us? Outstanding! Because we want to tell you about a leap available in your thinking processes that will be nothing short of tragic if you allow it to slip through your hands. If you are open to the idea of making the operational shift of your life in how your mind works...

then your own personal life and career change
journey toward “the mother of all minds”
is beginning, right now!

My story:

You deserve to know how I discovered that the mind is hungry for the chance to keep improving itself and why you need to know what I can show you.

The fact that I was born with severe hearing losses in both ears probably had a lot to do with my questing, independent spirit. Since in a normal sense I couldn’t completely be a part of anyone else’s world, I pretty much grew up in worlds of my own. When you do that, you have a lot of time and space to think about things. Wonder about things. Decide what you think works and what doesn’t, and why.

I can now see that this circumstance was a matchless gift. It encouraged me to keep questioning all the people who insisted that the way their mind worked was the way all minds were supposed to work, including mine. All the time. That, in effect, there is no such possibility of climbing the mind. Of staking out new values and beliefs on the mind’s spiral.

As the decades passed, I kept trying different approaches to mind. The first was where I thought my parents and big people in general had all the answers. More quickly than most, I realized that they didn’t. Next, I thought I had all the answers. I didn’t. Then I thought God did. But God didn’t. After that, I decided the key was power. It wasn’t. Then came the belief that the universe is benevolent and friendly all the time and that love is the only answer. It isn’t.

About this time it began to dawn on me that there was a pattern to all this. A natural path available for all minds to travel, if the right opportunities arose and if those minds made good choices. Looking around for the insights of others, I discovered that numerous brain scientists, psychologists and other social science researchers, philosophers and theologians have been tracking the idea of a natural growth path for the mind.

They may describe this journey in a variety of ways, but their descriptions of the “stages” or levels on an ascending, values-and-beliefs-producing spiral that the mind encounters or generates are remarkably similar. The two models that spoke to me most profoundly were those of the late psychologist Dr. Clare W. Graves and the late psychiatrist Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. But their roadmaps clearly illuminated the journey only so far. It was when I realized that my own mind was one of those that had glimpsed what came next in ways that these eminent scholars and others hadn’t that I sat down and wrote The Mother of All Minds.

Can you go where I’ve gone? Without question.
Can you get there quicker? I think so…

especially if you learn from my mistakes and make better choices sooner. I’d never say that there are shortcuts to improving the mind. But there are certainly things to emphasize and things to minimize, and these are what I share with you with all the skill and honesty I can muster in The Mother of All Minds.

So What Exactly Is "the Mother of All Minds”?

In a nutshell, it’s a mind that extracts many of the best qualities from all the variety of minds that we humans have used throughout all the previous eons as we moved along the values spiral. It then reassembles these strong points in ways so different and so versatile and so competent that we are justified in viewing it as the beginning of whole new kinds of human choice-making and thinking capabilities. The Mother of All Minds, the book, examines, documents and celebrates “the next level” of meaning-finding, values formulation, decision-making and action-producing beyond the levels where the vast majority of humans today operate. It is an advance that signals a new dawn for human thinking skills as people seek to make productive life and career changes on the values spiral journey.

The Mother of All Minds
Isn’t a Case of Letting the Imagination Run Wild.
Instead, It Is a Report Both from
External and Internal Perspectives
by Trained Observer and Chronicler.
We Want to Share with You What We Found in
Rich, Practical, Mind-Changing Detail!

Equipping your mind to handle a fast-changing world with new agility, competence and satisfaction isn’t done with things you learned in kindergarten. This is a topic for grown-ups only! And it’s not for every grown-up. This much we can assure you: before you reach the end of this message, you will already know, with near absolute certainty, whether you are a serious candidate for the personal transition detailed in The Mother of All Minds.

This much, too, we can guarantee (and will!): if your mind is ready, then once it gets wind of what’s been happening at the cutting edges of the human thinking nature, there’s going to be no turning back. It’s like "The Garden of Eden Effect.” Once you’ve bitten into the apple, there’s no returning to ignorance. What your mind will learn in this book is going with you to the grave! Acted on or not, this new knowledge will always be there, questioning, beckoning, instructing. Or else it will be there requiring huge reserves of psychic energy from you to resist its catalytic effects.

We’ll Tell You Right This Instant What the Most
Valuable Things Are in The Mother of All Minds
and What They Aren’t. (Don’t Expect to
Find a Veritable Library of “How-to-Do-It” Button
Points for Wannabees or “Change Your Life”
Cheat Sheets!)

Mirrors. That’s where the power resides in The Mother of All Minds. Again and again, this book holds up mirrors. Sometimes, the author invites you to look over his shoulder into his own mirrors. But far more often, the mirrors are there for you, the reader. Are you seeing any signs of “learned stupidity”? Do you see how you keep thwarting your own development? Do you see how you give your brain power away? Do you see what’s keeping you from genuinely healing? And—did you see that? A mirror in the mirrors! (Isn’t that a powerful discovery—the real key to getting unstuck as you seek to climb your mind on the universal values and beliefs spiral!)

There’s an important reason why The Mother of All Minds doesn’t read like other self-improvement books. You don’t need another one of those!! Sure, self-help publishers need to make a buck, too. But they don’t need to make it off of you! Most self-help books are like hymnals in church or politicians’ speeches. Their preachments are so familiar and predictable that they have no potency. In tough times like ours, a book about changing ourselves needs to deliver what MOAM delivers: a potent, provocative new personal agency and agenda that you find hard to resist as you weigh just what it is that you need to do to change your life and your career!

Warning! If You Aren’t Comfortable Understanding
What It Means to Be Part of a New Elite,
Then You Aren’t Really Ready to Be a Part of It.
This “New Elite” Doesn’t Feel Special or Privileged,
Just Called to Contribute Real Meaning
Amid All the Chaos And Help Make It Viable.

Don’t come to MOAM expecting that it will make you more visible. Again, that’s part of what makes the new mind formulation described and prescribed in this book so antithetical—so "anti-ordinary." It is all about a fully formed ego (yours) that is getting close to being ego-less. It’s a combination of personal characteristics that defies most “what it is” categories and eludes most “attempt-to-manage-it” styles. You won’t be comfortable going where MOAM points unless you are open to being the problem-solver nobody really understands and perhaps the one nobody really even notices. But, wow, there you are! Pretty soon, somebody is going to notice something: an island of sanity, productivity and creativity amid the confusion, if nothing else, and wonder where it came from.

10 Reasons Why If You Only Read One Book in the Next 12 Months, MOAM Needs to Be the One

1 No matter what your career, profession or background, you need to be operating
from this kind of mind right now.
2 A huge amount of change is happening, and if you can’t think this way, you aren’t going to have a clue about what to do with a lot of it.
3 Life is being lived in the fast lane, and if you miss this opportunity to “take the governor off” your mind capabilities, you may not get another chance.
4 The people you love and value most need you to think differently.
5 You need to be making good choices automatically. There’s just so little time these days to think about your options.
6 You need more bang for your thinking buck. You can’t afford to let yesterday’s assumptions continue to call the shots.
7 You deserve a cogent, cohesive, up-to-the-minute explanation of what’s possible for your thinking skills.
8 You are entitled to be at peace as part of a thinking elite operating on the frontiers of human development.
9 When it matters, you need to be able to explain what’s different about you, if only to yourself.
10 The transmigration of the human mind out of Alpha and into Beta is simply something you don’t want to miss.

Let’s Focus on the Insights You’ll Own Within 10 Minutes of Reading in MOAM

If you acquire a copy of The Mother of All Minds, in a matter of 10 minutes you will be:

  • 10 minutes’ deep into making the future a function of your own thinking.
  • 10 minutes further away from the ability of your past to keep harming you.
  • 10 minutes’ invested in something that you’ll never have to wonder why you bothered with.
  • 10 minutes into a read that may easily stretch into an hour or a night or a marathon read that doesn’t end until you have finished the book.
  • 10 minutes’ closer to thinking audaciously, living strategically and acting wiseheartedly, which are the hallmarks of Mind 2.0, the mother of all minds.

We don’t want you to take our word for it. We’ve received many testimonials from well-educated, widely read, value-minded people about the benefits and satisfaction they enjoyed from reading The Mother of All Minds. Check out what they had to say about MOAM

The Mother of All Minds is a fascinating, intricate and brilliant work, yet as readable as a good novel. It is both philosophically challenging and at the same time practically useful to people who are serious about wanting to grow and adapt to the new world we live in. I found it as impactful as as a punch in the face but not without a sense of humour. Dudley Lynch may well be doing for Clare Grave's theory what Daniel Goleman did for Emotional Intelligence.”

—Noel Odou,
Author of "Magnificently Insignificant" and Insurance Company Training Officer, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

“There are books you scan to find one or two things (90% of all books). Then there are books like the The Mother of All Minds: books you read. There are books you read to get some information or understanding. Then there are books like the The Mother of All Minds: books that make you think. There are books you read and think about. Then there is a book like The Mother of All Minds: a book that transforms you.”

—Marjan Bolmeijer,
Founder, Change-Leaders.com, Detroit, Michigan

"I found myself with tears in my eyes and a resounding inner ‘YES!’ as I read Dudley’s description of the transition to Beta mind. He was describing one of the most difficult periods of my life, and when I realized what I had actually been doing then in terms of my own development, I closed the book for a minute to really feel my gratitude for this book’s insightful gifts. The Mother of All Minds is a mind and life changing experience."

—Robert Sandidge,
Principal, CreativeCore Inc., Algonquin, Illinois

“I have a hard time putting into words the tremendous joy and satisfaction I am experiencing in my life right now as a direct result of your work.”

—Brian Lundquist,
Publisher, NanoTech-now.com

"I started reading MOAM and didn't put it down until finished. The sections on Beta Blockers and Operating Insights for the levels of the mind changed my perceptions of how we move through our lives. What a superb explanation of the ways our minds play the 'game' of being human."

—Kathleen Barclay, Ph.D.,
Strategic Visions, Chandler, Arizona

"I read the book from cover to cover in two sittings. I know you think some of Stephen King's stories are a bit on the nutty side, but you have what he tries to achieve, i.e., page turnability. Your prose style is very entertaining and rich with interesting metaphors that serve to make complex ideas less daunting than they could be otherwise."

—Dr. Sean Brophy,
Sean Brophy Associates, Dublin, Ireland

"Your remarkably insightful work has truly been instrumental in an extraordinary mind shift that I have been joyously experiencing over the past week. I have accomplished more in terms of goal setting and clearly defined objectives to help in the betterment of humankind than I have in the last two years. Notably, I have begun to realize the incredible optimism you wrote about in The Mother of All Minds in my own thinking."

—Marvin Collier,
CIO, Optima Business Solutions, Washington, D.C.

"[In his] easy-to-read combination of simple conversation and profound eloquence, Dudley plays with words and phrases like a musician plays with arpeggios. If you love language and thrill to its usage, you will enjoy the read as much as the content. The process of reading certain passages evokes a flow state not unlike driving a hot sports car on a scenic and mountainous highway. The twists and turns of Dudley’s prose posit a challenging assumption—transporting the reader on an adventurous journey of self-confrontation in the service of evolving our species.”

—Andrea S. Gould, Ph.D.,
Lucid Learning Systems, Syosset, New York

"Never have I picked up a non-fiction book and read it so avidly and enjoyed it quite so much as I have The Mother of All Minds. Reading each page is like reading a regular and progressive self-affirmation. Your writing style is fantastic—I so enjoy it. Your use of the language is really fun. My vocabulary is increasing as I’m having to use the dictionary for to understand some things—not that 'El Toro poo-poo' requires a dictionary! Just a few moments for me to realize what you meant and left me chuckling even as I think about it now!"

——Dave Lees,
Owner, IntegritUs Ltd., Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, U.K.

"The Mother of All Minds is easily the best written, most enjoyable and potentially most useful book I've ever read about Clare Graves' theory. With so much change surrounding us, and more, much more on the way, a better set of mental faculties is no longer an option but a necessity. Dudley Lynch has taken Clare Graves' groundbreaking research into a new realm, that of the Beta Mind. This new mind may just be what has been lacking in the increasingly desperate attempts of individuals and institutions to cope with exploding change. If you're heading for the future—and aren't we all?—don't leave home without it."

—Rinze Terluin,
managing director of Loslaten bv, change management consultancy, Dwingeloo, The Netherlands

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