"So, what am
I alive to do?"

Every life change needs to begin with
a test for life purpose:  Do you know
what the future’s invitation to you is?

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That’s Brain Technologies’ life-purpose-finding tool, PathPrimer®, that you see at right. Only, there’s a lot more to PathPrimer than merely helping you discover and describe the overarching “umbrella” theme of your life, important as this is.

Our ambitious, tough-love-minded PathPrimer is designed to do no less than bring you positive assistance directly from the future. After all, that’s what “being on purpose” is really about.

Think of it this way. The future is always vying with chaos—with disorder—to get your attention and commitment. That’s why it keeps asking, “What are you alive to do?”

A reminder from Brain Technologies’ PathPrimer audio visual show that getting your life on purpose tends to steer you into environs where your old problems will disappear. (For more on this PowerPoint presentation, go here)

Why does the future care about your knowing what your purpose in life is? Because the future, too, is purposeful. It is seeking to make good things happen. It has certain tasks that it is summoning you to. Not demanding that you do them, not forcing you to do them. But seeking to persuade you to do them.

Keeping chaos and disorder from your door is the best hope the future has for making you a contributing participant to its own aspirations. And getting you on purpose and keeping you there to find and live your passion is your own best hope for enjoying a productive, satisfying life and career.

That’s pretty much the end of the philosophy lesson. Everything else about PathPrimer is highly practical. It involves asking you to respond to these kinds of questions:

  • What are the times in my life that I have felt vital, empowered, energized—alive?
  • Have I worked with one group of people, or involving myself in partnership or cooperation with a particular person, that meant more to me than working with others?
  • Have I worked in a particular place that meant more?
  • Have I performed certain kinds of work that meant more?
  • Do I like to learn in preferred ways? In preferred environments? Under certain kinds of teachers, mentors, coaches or leaders better than others?
  • When do I feel like I’m being most authentic and feeling least like a phony?
  • When in my past did it seem like I was living in a way that made my problems disappear?

Finding the all-important self-organizing principle of your life—your life purpose, your purpose of life, your passion and meaning in life—isn’t the easiest task.

PathPrimer enables you to draw on both the philosophical knowledge and the practical, real-life experiences of Brain Technologies’ own life purpose self-discovery experts. That makes your search for life purpose an orderly one because it gives you a professionally created roadmap to follow.

Don’t travel in the dark on your life journey a moment longer! Act now to put PathPrimer on the trail of your all-important life purpose! And remember that the bonus you’ll be receiving from the universe is that you will be inviting the future into your life and career in the most beneficial ways you can imagine.

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