"So, what am
I alive to do?"

Our sharp-eyed, sharp-questioning
career change test supplies the answers
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A reminder from Brain Technologies’ PathPrimer audio visual show that the universe may be seeking its own purpose in your search for yours. (For more on this PowerPoint presentation go here)

Knowing when you are “off purpose” is easy. The road suddenly gets a lot bumpier. It’s understanding how to get on purpose and stay there that is more difficult.

Unless, of course, you use PathPrimer®. This is the tool created by Brain Technologies’ experts to help people discover their purpose in life, particular when considering a change in career. And to stay true to their purpose’s invitation to live a purposeful, meaningful life.

Here are important details about PathPrimer, Brain Technologies’ amazingly effective all-purpose purpose-finder for career change seekers and all others looking for new meaning in life and work:

How PathPrimer works

  • Assumes that you'll be more productive and satisfied with your career change outcomes and in work and life when you are guided by a strong sense of purpose
  • Uses both right-brain and left-brain types of inquiry to take a searching look at your life experiences
  • Measures your current vitality in 7 crucial areas that are usually strongly influenced by a person’s life theme
  • Assigns your vitality reading to one of 5 zones, ranging from healthy to dangerous
  • Guides you in creating a statement of personal purpose that you repeatedly refine, restate and compare to a set of 7 PathPrimer checkpoints
  • Uses innovative two-color, 11-inch-by-8 1/2-inch format with die-cast cutout interpretation section 

What PathPrimer does

  • Uses 12 pages of exercises to help you establish a serious career counseling oriented dialogue with your past, present and future that many users say is unprecedented
  • Helps you examine the best and worst of times in your life
  • As with any high-quality career coaching tool, identifies persons, relationships, ideas and objects that may be thwarting your purpose
  • Develops and analyzes a chronological map of the up-and-down patterns in your efforts to be on purpose
  • Asks you to identify things you do well and things you probably should not do again
  • Searches for possible sources of influence that may have kept you off purpose for long periods

How PathPrimer delivers

  • Puts your purpose to stringent tests of appropriateness, suitability and concreteness
  • Identifies persons, relationships, ideas and objects that may be thwarting your purpose
  • Sends you searching for important allies in 7 vital areas
  • Encourages you to identify and take the steps needed to get on purpose
  • Compares your purpose to the purposes operating around you—from family to your employer to your community and society
  • Keeps you focused on practical, purpose-enhancing outcomes
  • When used by professionals, quickly takes the subject of goal-setting, vision-building, development of mission statements, identification of core competencies, etc., to a powerful new level
  • Makes it easy to construct a profile of individual vitality-of-purpose levels of members of a group or an organization with a high personal trust and integrity level
  • Combines well with other change and self-growth technologies from Brain Technologies

Sometimes, the experts at Brain Technologies refer to a person’s purpose as the Big Niche. It’s the all-important groove in your reality where you are most likely to find true meaning, steady performance and a sense of satisfaction in a major career change or other major life change alteration.

The Big Niche is not something to be taken lightly. Or to be missed. If you aren’t sure where to look, using PathPrimer to discover your purpose is sure to be your best opportunity for a life- and career-changing outcome. Get on the right path with PathPrimer, now! And plan to remain there the rest of your days!

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